February 7, 2016

Strawberry Dishes

In Plant City

Written By: Cheryl Johnston

Beginning in January, the folks in eastern Hillsborough County and visitors from everywhere start to plan where they can find their favorite strawberry treats. Surrounded by green fields of the luscious berries, our little corner of the world conjures up mouth-watering ways to enjoy one of the healthiest fruits around. Never mind that some of those dishes also involve sugar – at this time of year, with the gorgeous weather and thoughts of festivals, we can all cut ourselves a little slack for the sake of our mainstay industry.

Support our local economy and impress your guests by enjoying some or all of the specialties pictured here.

Strawberry Shortcake

This local staple combines juicy red berries in their own sweet liquid dished in large portions over a chunk of white cake, pound cake, or homestyle biscuit and then finished off with a generous dollop of real whipped cream.

Proudly served Parkesdale Farms, Red Rose Inn and Suites, Fred’s Market Restaurant, Johnsons BBQ, Whistlestop and Brandon Farms

Strawberry Milkshake and Strawberry IceCream Treats

It goes without saying that real berries are required for the best strawberry milkshakes and ice cream delights – no artificial flavoring for the eastern Hillsborough County connoisseurs

Savor the flavor of a shake from Parkesdale Farms, Brandon Farms, Dairy Strawberry Hut, Twistee Treat and Dairy Queen (also famous for their Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Bowl)

Strawberry Pizza

Brandon Farms and Strawberry Palace seem to have a corner on this market – it’s the dessert (or breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner) you’ll never forget.

Candy and Cookies

Neumeisters in the historic downtown is an old-fashioned candy store with an entire cabinet devoted to strawberry candies and treats. The Strawberry Gummy Bears are the biggest hit with kids and adults like the molded chocolate and dipped treats. Camilla Rose dips berries in chocolate, too, while Parkesdale Farms is famous for its strawberry cookies.

Strawberry Pancakes

A breakfast delight for adults and kids alike.

Get yours at Snellgroves and IHOP, with our without the healthy whipped cream topping.

Strawberry Salad

Oh, yeah! If you haven’t tried a strawberry salad made with our king of the crop, you have missed it. The good news: Olde Town Pizzeria, Fred’s Market Restaurant, and downtown’s Camilla Rose serve them year ‘round (Camilla Rose is also famous for its fresh-baked scones and tarts).Definitely, this salad develops a craving in ‘ya!

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